Monday , November 29 2021

Conducted in prison for four months, Ibrahim Maalouf will appeal


Ibrahim Maalouf – Denis Rouvre

"This situation is scandalous. In my fight for me to fight, the car is not the most important thing that the truth is. »Ibrahim Maalouf a annoncé sur
Europe 1, which calls for the appeal, this Friday, by the Criminal Court ruling. The Franco-Lebanese trumpetist has been condemned, even though she has been arrested in prison for up to 10 months in 2013, sexually harassing a 14-year-old coalition.

The artist also has part of this colère on Twitter, and posting two tweets every few hours after the announcement of the verdict. The posts have since been deleted, but
France assures that the trumpetist has been found in these four quarters of the day with a smack of ado, a lot of amorous people I have to scratch the distance that I am imposing! ".

"Do you want to stop sympa with fans ?, they will still demand Ibrahim Maalouf. The post office of the court is that it can not be in train. We advise the readers to know and change the version so that they can arrange. Bizarre or not? »

In 2013, the teenage girl performed on stage at a Ivry-sur-Seine d'Ibrahim studio in Maalouf. According to this version, the musicians have embarrassed a premiere for watching a movie. In the last two years, the artist has long been 33 years old and has embraced us.

«Mais pourquoi on m'imputerait la responsabilité de ça? »

The parents have been signaling an opportunity after the fact of the parcel of Montpellier, who resigned with his case, and an inquiry has been issued, suspended for placement in January 2017 by the Ibrahim Maalouf. The preliminary investigation has been issued for sexual sexuality, which implies the consent of the mine. "At the end of the investigation," the parquet believes that "it will not be accepted by the victims and decide on the return" Ibrahim Maalouf is the tribunal for sexual assault.

"It means that this person is suffering from affliction, but it does not mean that I have to take over my accountability, and to explode the trumpet in Europe 1. It will still be that I have applied for one or more of you. It is out of question that the last letter, on the case of appeal. »

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