Sunday , May 16 2021

China launches Chang's e-4-month trial to light the dark side of the moon

The Chinese month of Chinese e-Chang e-4 was in & # 39; The first hour of the day began to start and it must go to the first smooth month that's ever taken on # 39; on the other side of a month is made.

In Long-March-3B carrier rocket launched and launched rover-camp, launched from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwestern China in Sichuan Province on Saturday at 2:23 hour Opening a new chapter of a monthly survey.

Although the month of revolution is the same as its bicycle rotation, the same side of & # 39; the moon still the earth. On the other hand, most can not be seen from the earth, the fourth or the hidden face is called, not because it is hidden, but because it is largely unknown.

The mission Chang e-4 will be an important phase to see the further and mysterious face of the moon.

"The hilly month of landing and hidden declaration, which will never be done, will help us to find important information on the grounds and elements of the month's field and other scientific information, will sell our reason of the month and the universe, "said Zhang He, chief executive of the project Chang e-4.

The scientific tasks of the mission of Chang e-4 include radio-astronomy observation, location and land survey, mineral composition and lunar surface structure and evaluation. neutron training and neutral atoms around the environment of the dark side of & # 39; Studying a month, the National Space Administration of China (ASNC) announced.

China has strengthened international cooperation in a month of month research, with four scientific users of # 39; The mission of Chang e-4, developed by scientists from the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Saudi Arabia.

Three scientific and technical tears, designed by Chinese universities, will also be conducted in the mission.

Scientists believe that the special features of electromagnetic environment and the geology of # 39; the dark side of the moon reduces to zero-frequency radio astronomy and research on the composition of months.

The landing of a lander and rover on a month, however, requires a relational accident to show signals.

On May 21, China launched the Queqiao Relay Satellite (Bridge of Magpies) to establish communications between the Earth and the World Campaign of # 1 e-4.

The satellite is in & # 39; The Halo's rounded around the second Lagrangestip (L2) of the Earth Moon system, about 455,000 km from & # 39; the earth. It is the first first-day communications date that works in this job, according to the ASNC.

In the rounds, the relationship satellite can be "sawa" as the earth and the hidden face of # a month. The gravitational force of the earth and the moon shifts the orbital movement of the earth's surface. satellite and makes it extremely benign.

The start on Saturday was the 294th red mission of a Long March series.

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