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Carlos Ghosn was eventually announced in Japan for incomes, Nissan also


Three weeks after his surprise arrested in Tokyo, Carlos Ghosn was actively employed on Monday to maintain five years of income, Japanese media posts on Monday.

He came on November 19 in an archipelago supply to his private jet, almighty master of # 39; the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors automobile industry.

In # space of a few minutes, his lot left: questions by researchers from & # 39; The explanation on delay in the absolution, the 64-year-old leagger was immediately released into a cell # 39; the police station sent to the north of a capital. A few days later he was from the chairman of # 39; e Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors boards left without that word for someone who had just delivered one of the debacle.

On Monday, the court decided to appeal him for the request of $ 5 million yen (38 million yen) in # 39; The revenue of five years, from 2010 to 2015, according to Kyodo's attention. Public can NHK. His right-handed Greg Kelly, who was arrested at the same time, was also included.

Nissan is also condemned as a legal entity, the two media were added, with the criminal claiming that the company's responsibility was involved, such as the company that has provided the relevant reports to the roadmap.


The study will probably not stop. For the officers in the same media to try a new arrest war against Mr. Ghosn, for the same reason, but on a newer period from 2015 to 2018, for an amount of 4 billion yen.

If so, it will rename a police officer procedure, which may last 22 days from Monday, so maybe after Christmas Day.

But it will probably not be more: the floor can look at potential abuse of business groups that Nissan loses its former boss, such as the use of luxury homes at the cost of a group.

In this statement, the builder stated in a statement that they have a decision to calculate a Brazilian court that representatives of Ghosn's owners have access to an apartment in Rio de Janeiro, "to prevent the destruction of possible evidence".

In this case, rumors, speculation, scenarios are a lot, and the official word is rare or not, at the beginning, that of Nissan's chief, Hiroto Saikawa, immediately after his former mentor.

The policeman has at least communicated at the time and the defense of Carlos Ghosn, led by Motonari Ohtsuru, a former governor who is specialized in financial affairs, has not become public.

Just know that "the suspect Ghosn", such as the Japanese press in # 39, denies only a dirty resignation. "He is in a courageous and powerful state of mind," he said in the & quot; The headquarters of Renault in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris, despite the Spartanist conditions of the establishment held in Franco-Brazilian Brazil. He says he is treated well, receives the visit of ambassadors of France, Lebanon and the consul of Brazil and reads to read books and magazines if he is not interviewed by the researchers.

In & # 39; s hearings, the & # 39; t in & # 39; English was spoken and included in Asahi Shimbun daily, so Gosn asked the answer to signing documents that he had received when he got the group lost, said the report. Japanese Kyodo news agency. But he ensures that these funds were not finalized and therefore should not be included in Nissan public reports.

"The devil" Renault

According to a source close to the investigations, this system began following the submission of a law requiring the highest paid administrators to pay for their compensation. Mr.'s goal Ghosn would have been to criticize shareholders and employees.

Already its legal result, the case trails in the Renault Nissan Alliance will be born in 1999, with the contribution of Mitsubishi Motors in 2016, the first car assembly of # the world.

At Nissan, the storage of Mr Ghosn has released the word and frustrations are coming in, sweat in & # 39; The Japanese media where Mr. Ghosn and the French State (Renault's agent) devil, "summarizes industry analyst Takaki Nakanishi. We see here, he says, the opportunity to "jamonize" the group and look at the terms of cooperation.

Conversely, at Renault, 43% of Nissan owned and whose Mr. Ghosn the CEO remains, it is always inexhaustible that the "stupor", and "messages of support, respect and even" "Virtue" was sent to him by the board, it is known from the headquarters.

The French manufacturer reacts that it has not yet received a transmissia from his Japanese partner, from lawyer to lawyer, of any evidence. According to a source close to the record, Nissan, however, is "as soon as possible", this week a priori, "once it kicked out".

In Lebanon, the arrest of a tycoon, a symbol of # the success of Lebanese Dysporation, has spoken to us. "The Lebanese phoenix will not be burned by the sun of Japan", even the Minister of the Interior, Nohad Machnouk, while portraits of experts on the & nbsp; See the streets of Beirut, slogan: "We are all Carlos Ghosn."

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