Tuesday , May 11 2021

BHL, Hanouna, Bern, Lermmitte and Boujenah call on yellow poems to "stop"


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At & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; neighborhood of & nbsp; The law 4 mobilization in France has 175 citizens, among others, various celebrities called the Yellow Fields to find out and reduce the dialogue with the director in the name of the motto of the Republic: Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood. However, the demonstrations had to respond in practice to Saturday following this "call for wisdom".

On December 7, 175 people, including Bernard-Henri Levy, animators Cyril Hanouna, Maiten Biraben and Stéphane Bern, actor Thierry Lhermitte, comedian Michel Boujenah, journalists Aida Thouiri and Laurent Bazin and producer Dominique Besnehard, have signed a tribune in Le Parisien with the title "Increase in debate: the call for wisdom that is solved on yellow tablets".

In the published text, the signatories call the Protestants to stop:

"It should stop and take the dialogue, the time to talk, listen, understand each other, the time has come to recognize the significance of words and at the same time our responsibilities to each one of us. come out, yes. "

As a result of the violence of Act 3 on Saturday, December 1, they believe that the Protestants have forgotten the motto of the Republic: freedom, equality, fraternity.
"Joy begins where the term for others begins: to prevent the spread of traders, the inhabitants of circulation, by a consent to spend the rest of the population , freedom has disappeared ".

But "there is no fraternity, if we tolerate, or worse, if we encourage the destruction of public property, the plunder of private property, the physical aggression against a police, the misery of symbols Republic or the flame of an unknown soldier.

As references to the problem of respect, the signers are called to stop the riot to make room for "debate":

"Drawing the world again, seeing that our ability can deal in a debate, the requirements in concrete solutions and repeating what we are, France or in itself."

Nevertheless, despite the "reason for wisdom", by some bomber, Saturday, December 8 was marked by many treuras, many broken windows and many places, by firewaves and blocks on the roads.

According to Place Beauvau, approximately 136,000 people have participated on Saturday, December 8th in Act 4 mobilization of yellow poems in France, a number equivalent to that of December 1. In total, nearly 2,000 people were arrested.

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