Wednesday , June 16 2021

Beaujolais nouveau: "very beautiful" vintage-cuisine that stops certain spells

"For harvest, there was a planet alignment with good quality grapes, good weather and good quantities. It is a very beautiful vintage like many parts of France," explains AFP Dominique Piron, president of InterBeaujolais.

"The dress is empurpled and dense with purple purple reflections, fleshy black fruits, incense of flowers (peony, lilac), spices and some notes of licorice." Arnaud Chambost, sommelier, Best Worker 2000 France.

But do not talk about bananas anymore! Winegrowers wants to escape from the image of "industrial wine" with a uniform taste. "We have rewritten our strategy." Continue to sell quality wines to younger customers and always promote the Beaujolais wine better.

New Beaujolais: a

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In the past few years, the initial sales of 4 to 7 euros were under the bar of 4 euros previously, so the strategy that started to make a profit is mutual benefit.

And the new sales, which have been gradually corroding over the last 15 years, have stabilized at about 25 million bottles, according to Piron.

Beaujolais Nouveau's first importer in Japan sells bottles for 20 residents today while selling to 12 residents a few years ago. However, there are more luxury items that can be moved here, and Japanese demand more wine.

In France, InterProtty is targeting new young customers and an electronic party is held in Les Bains, a very stylish nightclub in Paris on Wednesday.

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