Friday , August 12 2022

After Kums' goal, Mauves doubled the bet (directly, 1-0)


This is a big disappointment for Anderlecht to overcome after Thursday night. Excluded from the Europa League in Fenerbahçe, the Mauves have only championships to defend the campaign 2018-2019.

To this end, Hein Vanhaezebrouck has made 11 major lines that have improved significantly since the coach has given young people, especially Dauda, ​​who is celebrating his first term, an opportunity. Despite this, Mauves started the beat drum part. In the 4th minute, Anderlecht was already leading at the entrance of the big square (1-0) with Svenkum's free kick. The long-awaited goal of Belgium since Belgian arrivals in Belgium was a year ago.

Ghent replicas will not last long. Buffalo tried to take possession of the ball and also helped Didillon. After 15 minutes, Limbombe came face-to-face with goalkeeper Andersz, but the latter started to beat the opponent.

The Brussels club, which has 27 points and 4th place in the Belgian championship, scored 23 points this Sunday on Gantoise. After a bad pass in the league, Mauves was able to overturn the trend by winning last week at Waasland-Beveren. For Anderlecht, giving air before the international rest will be of greatest benefit to the group and its employees.

For that part, the Buffalo now under Jess Thorup's thumb remains a good record of three wins in their last four outings. Encourage before finishing the first game of the National Championship …

Composition of Anderlecht
: Didillon, Najar, Lawrence, Sanneh, Amuzu, Sambi, Makarenko, Trebel, Kums, Dauda, ​​Dimata.

Composition of Ghent
: Kalinic, Souquet, Rosted, Plastun, Verstraete, Chakvetadze, Limbombe, Yaremchuk, Dejaegere, Asare, Esiti.

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