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According to a study, sometimes a child is too big a house

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Aggressive or disinfective cleaning products would affect the weight of children.

A clean, bright house that smells good: the dream of everything. No socks lie up, no choco stones on the table after breakfast (stay until dinner), no fat hands on & # 39; The windows, it's in some homes, it is rare, but it exits! And if this dream of cleaning was a nightmare for the weight of children? A little explanation is needed.

A team of Canadian researchers examined the relationship between a wash (or formerly disinfected) home with aggressive protective products / disinfectants and the weight of children. When we talk about aggressive products, it's all the classic non-ecological products that can be found in stores.

This study was originally published, published in Canadian Medical Association Journal In September 2018, show that parents use their products at least once a week to have children become more likely than fat or overweight. The researchers claim that these products would change the intestinal cancer of the child. They would support their alternating metabolism and thus raise the risk of overweight. The intestinal microbiota is equivalent to the intestinal inflammation, which makes 40,000 billion bacteria (twice as much as the cells are available for our body). In Canada, Canadian researchers have safely studied the homes of 757 children (3 to 4 months old), parents use ecological or aggressive products. "This is not examined in study but it would be interesting to understand how this aggressive substance contained in 'Asks the toxicologist to the Catholic University of Leuven, Alfred Bernard.

Double persistence …

According to some, including the United States Reinier Institute, this research is debated because a third game player does not take account of eating. "People who use green products will probably have a more comfortable diet, they will eat and prevent it, that is, after my opinion, the most likely link." People with a healthier viability are more than endocrine failures

(natural or artificial substance outside the body changes the functioning of the endocrine system, which can have negative effects on the body.
, says Alfred Bernard.

The people behind this study are also cautious about these results. No causal link could be clearly stated on the use of aggressive products and obesity. "Many associations are often secondary", says Alfred Bernard. "It is multifunctional, breastfeeding may have consequences if the mother tastes in weight, it can also be a factor of obesity in the child."

An untold number of factors can be taken into account and differ from one family to another. "General Weight Loss" may later be rebels and can add more to obesity "since Adelaide-diestystones in domains. "This is, of course, not a general, nor a fatality, but with the slightest weight we will pay more attention."

Despite the absence of information published in this study, it is important to consider that the inhalation of these products, especially chlorine, has negative effects on health. "It is investigated that children who have included these substances are more resistant to respiratory diseases, such as asthma", close Alfred Bernard, a toxicologist at UCL. And then the most important thing is not to reduce his home, the victim's injury than just bacteria, but just purifying.

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