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About 4,000 incidents reported across the implant signaled in Belgium since 2013


In Belgique, 3,798 incidents related to implants have been recensed between 2013 and July 2018, revealing a new "Implant Files" investigation by the International Investigation Journalist (ICIJ), piloting in Belgium by Le Soir, Knack et Time.

"The incidents that have been reported by the Federal Medicines Agency and the Product of Health (AFMPS) have been prevented by the patients, since the incidents are largely out of focus," Le Soir sur son site internet. In effect, "for the instant, estimates that between 10 and 20% of the incidents that have been reported," says Hugues Malonne, the general director of the AFMPS, quotes the quotations. This is a reason why 40,000 is the number of incidents reported on the implant in a few years.

The traversal world, 1.7 million injured and about 83,000 bridges and the implant has been recorded over the last ten years, according to the Implant Files survey.

This last year has been pending 9 months by 252 journalists issuing 59 medals in 36 different countries. To this end, the members of the consortium have been releasing more than 1,500 queries in the world for obtaining the documents by the authority of the control of the sector and that, on the basis of the law of the administrative act. In the Czech Republic, its demands have allowed the acquisition of 470 documents (internal audits, incident reports, account ratios, inspection reports …).

The ICIJ has recently been released on the origin of its revelations to LuxLeaks, SwissLeaks or beyond Panama and Paradise Papers.

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