Thursday , June 24 2021

"A victory if it is good"

Michel Preud homme He left his impressions after the victory in the Standard playoffs against Kortrijk this Saturday (2-1), part of & # 39; a 22nd day of Pro League.

"We were in the middle of the year, really against the run of the game. We make a wonderful first 1/2 hoursays the coach at Rodrigo Beenkens' microphone.We should definitely shine in this period. And at the first against Kortrijk we are leading, and it is thought-provoking for the boys who had the whole work. So I just tried to get them to go and try to find the solution to find a very complicated opponent."

The satisfaction was with the payout for Michel Preud, who paid his tactical changes later in the game. "We work. We try to find problems when you have problems. We feel 2 front. So we thought Luyindama forward, but we shouldn't have much to discover. We knew we could have a good center with Kosanovic or a good free kick. We think a little about everything. Lestienne was included to stimulate the team, who did not find a solution in the second period."

"A win if this is good because it means all players are present"to make the ex-Red Devil."There is a good status in a team and we try to help them find a solution."

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