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A robust security security carries the bank account of & # 39; s players, EPIC games respond

Update of the 22/01/2019

Within a few days of writing this article, Epic Games will contact us to make some clarifications:

We were informed about these vulnerabilities and shortly they corrected them. We thank Check Point for warning us. As always, we encourage players to protect their accounts by not using the same passwords, but rather passwords with a high level of security and preventing their account information from being used by other players.

A security breach in Fortnite identifies hackers the decision of any victims, accessible bank data, and even listen to voicemails that have changed between players. All accounts were exposed to these vulnerabilities. The bank account of players is under threat. They are in demand caution, although the area seems to be corrected.


Important payments are made every day in Fortnite, which has made almost 80 million active players worldwide and 200 million accounts. Of course, the most popular game of the moment is a favorite hacker's appeal, but also security researchers. This is the case for specialists in society Check Point Research that is in a. identified security breach you can control every account below the million available for the game.

An ugly in & nbsp; & nbsp; e Fornite has offered millions of contours to & # 39; hackers' mercy

The problem identified by checkpoint researchers is related to the connection system via third-party platforms such as Facebook, Google, or Xbox Live. A vulnerability that made it worse to get login settings. They can access any account as they wish.

It was therefore possible Check accounts, purchase in-app in the game and even to access the voicemails that have been changed, what the function of the DGSE really could do is find a way to access communication in Fortnite.

Checking points, however, can protect players from this vulnerability by enabling dual authentication that does not work it. The company also states that Epic Games are informed of the discovery of its bad. She did not publish it to the public until it was corrected by the publisher. Players are still called to see and check their bank checks. As a security measure, you also have the right to change your password, as often as security breaches have been found regularly in Fortnite.

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