Friday , July 30 2021

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Cancer succeeds, which has less access to care: scientists have published a report on social inequalities in the face of illness, and advises ways to lower it.

This publication of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), based on the expertise of more than 70 international scientists from various disciplines, highlights the important variants cancer sensitivity, patients of patients and mortal inequalities between different countries and, in you, between several social categories.

Cancer "think, but he finds harder people who are attacked by & # 39;", says Dr. Salvatore Vaccarella, coordinator of this study and researcher at IARC, the cancer drug organization in the world.

Social incidents increase the likelihood of development, but also affect writing, fresh diagnostics and access to treatment, such as palliative care, IARC expects.

During the most successful threats, the risk factors for the most prevalent Christmas days are usually associated with infections, unusual diets, excessive alcohol or tobacco consumption. In the United States, 30% of & # 39; a men under poverty in 2014, a share that was reduced to 18% by this threshold.

In all cases, mortality rates for most Christmas days are higher the socio-economic north of the population, minorities and refugees.

In Colombia, low-air females with resin crowns have a fifty-fold higher than others. And in Australia, the church's mortality is 30% higher in the local community than in & # 39; a rest of one's population.

Under the differences between countries, less than 25% from the world population has access quality surgery. Discontinuation of healthcare can also increase inequalities in cancer.

Nevertheless, these are the last "are for a large part to prevent, even if it is required concerted actions at many levels", says IARC.

Researchers plead for the creation of new cancer registries and enhancements of existing ones, which focus all of the piles of concern against social inequalities on the face of an illness, and ideally edit or exclude. increase for research.

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