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4 tips to protect the epidemic


Since all ages, the gastro-intérite has its own return. But this year, due to the temperament of the seasonal season, it is a little bit tired. From mid-November, various regions are touched by a epidemic. Thousands of Hauts-de-France and the Grand Est, the ephemeral epic, created at 162 thousand for 100,000 inhabitants this year, has been outdated.

The symptoms of gastro-intestine are easily detectable : vomissements, diarrhées, stomach, fatigue, fatigue … The fact is particulary vigilant with the personal risks, as the children and the elderly.

Hacker hiver, 21 million copies of the French contract, this malady after public health in France, or near a population of the population. Comment match between the mailles du filet? Voici nos conseils.

1. It's the main regulatory framework

The mains are the vector of the most important virus of the gastro-intestine. Avoid the touch of the metro bars, the portals, etc. These are vibrant nodes in microbes.

It is important for them to read the main regulatory framework. The good way to handle the mains is that it is decided by the Invention (National Prevention and Education Center for the Health), is the abolition of the mains. Puis des les savonner: les doigts, les paumes, le dessus des mains mais aussi les poignets.

Il ne faut Not sure what the spots are between the dozen and the nails. Thanks to the extent to which you can safely access the mains with a basic essence of use unique, rather than sèche-main.

2. Adopter the good foods

An adapted dietary supplement may allow the contamination of the disease. The foods that you need to catch in your intestines are advised : Le riz, les bananes, l'ail. They are known to eliminate the intestine.

In the inverse, avoid the crudities, the oils, the laits, the spices, the alcool, the grasses and the crusts.

It is also important to boire beaucoup d'eau. In the case of diarrhea, the corpus is dehydrated faster.

3. Bien aérer la maison

The fruity floor is well located, it is possible to tear it up just to lower its housing. Mais c'est justement This is the airing that favors the development of bacteria It also increases the risk of contracting the gastro-intérite.

It is advised to open a window for the windows, at least 10 minutes per day. If in the home is already contaminated, it increases the duration of the air: 2 times in the morning, 2 times in the afternoon, and once again before the coucher.

4. Dormir

Sometimes it's a moment important. Lorsque l'on ti peu, les défenses immunitaires baissent. The stomach sleeps at least 6 hours a day, and is idle 8 hours. For good reason, the easier it is, the use of the screen is less than 30 minutes before the pace, and never goes back.

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