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2-0 in the 87th-century Buffalo a spot in Lokeren


Lokeren and La Gantoise leave behind behind this (2-2) this Friday the 17th day of Pro League. Led 2-0 three minutes from the end of # During the settlement time, the Buffalo changed the situation in 120 seconds to cut the point of separation.

Lokeren clearly showed that he was in good mood against his audience. The team of the former successful coach of … La Gantoise Trond Sollied Many chances have made a lot of things in the game just in the game, but was instructed in & # 39; finish final.

Gent only responded in pairs and starts, and Lokeren saw logically with the leadership.

In the first period of the stage are Czech Lukas Marecek A powerful score in # top corner (45 + 39) made.

In the second period, buffalos made the forcing and several times near the front party, including a shot Taiwo Awoniyi saved on line Ari Skulason (58 & # 39;).

The second Lokeren goal was signed Mehdi Terki, free of any marking to get a backseat at a fixed post, fell a few minutes later (65 & # 39;).

However, players would not be able to manage their two-goal lead by walking in the last minutes.

The Norwegian Sigurd Rosted In 87, for the Tunisian, the pitcher lost at first Dylan Bronn Selects a few moments later to a pleasant one (89 & # 39;).

Two goals validated by the VAR are the referee Christof Dierick A third time used a third time in Gint a bet.

The Guntz (7th to 25th pts) jumps the opportunity to go back to Top 6, while Lokeren is still on the bottom of # 39; The ranking is 11 units.

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