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When do you meet on the iPhone?


Newsgroup November 01. 01., 16:33:52

DHAKA: The tech giant will see the fifth technology on the Apple iPhone in 2020. Meanwhile, the company has launched a number of experiments with technology, the organization has begun.

This information can be found in the Fast Growth Report published by the United States Commerce Committee. Apple did not formally provide any information on this issue.

According to the report, in the 2017s, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allowed Apple to test the fifth technology. The company is working with Intel technology to integrate iPhone. The Intel 8161 model model can be used for IPvone technology in the 2020 edition.

But this chip spins fast. As a result, the iPhone will be hot when it's time. Intel and Apple are working to fix the bug.

In addition to Intel, Apple uses the fifth chip of MediaTek as an alternative. If the Intel Chip error has not been resolved, Apple may join MediaTek, shock seems to be included in Fast Company's report.

Qualcomm has long recommended iPhone modem chips for iPhone. However, due to patriotic conflicts, he doubted the two organizations. So leaving Qualcomm, Apple collects Intel chips.

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