Saturday , June 19 2021

What is said about acting with ex-pupils is that Swastika

The movie "Shahjahan Regency" with Swastika Mukherjee was on Friday. The film is directed by Shreejit Mukherjee. At one time, the relationship between self-enriching relationship was discussed in various societies.

Sarigram was present in the movie with the presence of Tollygunge Tollygunge. Visitors were also waiting. He passed the exams. His performance was praised by all Mahalale

But the act of dialogue and relationship in the & # 39; movie a creator has reacted the heroine to social media.

In this movie Parvarmrabatta Chattopadhyay has played more. At one time there was a relationship between him and his wife. That's why the discussion with the rest of the work started for Sahaqake. He responded to the heroine.

Writing Swastika: & # 39; This photo is not working with sabakake. It's a character that an actor doesn't live in & # 39; can live. Searching for this character means a height as an actor. I have accepted and done this character. I knew the media wanted my work as my work.

& # 39; It's true, I love that. But these relationships do not work. But as actors I am not a failure … people think as an actor, think that for performance. This photo will answer everything. I did my job The rest is in your hands.

However, the famous movie was not in the premier. She is now in Paris. A picture of Bollywood is busy edited.


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