Monday , November 29 2021

What do you want to know about Tarique Rahman?


The BNP has befriended 4,500 candidates for four days to finalize the candidates in Bangladesh. Tareq Rahman was involved in this process. What does he know about nominee candidates?

Leaders participating in the intersection process, said: Tariq Rahman has been described in one thing – since nominee candidates are many, but only one, so others will forget about the votes and will not work for them.

As part of the process to participate in the December 30 election in Bangladesh, the nomination board member of # 39; The party candidate for four days interviewed and Skype of London is a member of Tareq Rahman, who is President Tareq Rahman.

In # political realities, with less time in # 39; hand, the candidate will be called apart apart and all candidates are asked to be in concert with each other; the nominee management.

Tareq Rahman talked to the candidate separately or together with time

Tareq Rahman asked candidates for the interview? Responding to a request from BBC Bangla, Divisional Co-Organizing Secretary AQ Only Quddusur Rahman told the BBC Bangla, the party's chairman said no to say anything to her.

"But we have all offered, so we co-operate because of the party," he said.

Kuddusur Rahman sought the nomination of BNP for a seat of Barisal Wahlkreis.

But one of the other nominees in & # 39; The southern region has told them a number of interviews at the same time.

During the interview, Tarique Rahman said to them: "You have many people in one area, everyone can not be nominated, do you give me the party to work together for the travel note?"

As a response, the nomination nominee once said: "Yes, they will work for the party, even if they do not get the nominee."

Tareq Rahman said, tell me? The nominees have said "yes".

Formerly a member of the Chamber of Deputies Nilufar Chowdhury Moni. Now look for nomination. The interview also gave.

He said to the BBC Bangla, "The situation is different to the BNP, the party is going on for a long time, we went into an interview. We have been nominated by Tariq Rahman's nomination that we will be nominated.

Many people in # 39 in the hopes of & # 39; have the prospect of earning the nomination of BNP, say that in each of these periods, each candidate in # 39; The front of the nomination board is apart.

But this time the scenario differs. Therefore, all candidates in the same interview on November 18 for a site in the interim phase – all are all together.

Many leaders of the party say that at & # 39; The first day of interviewing many candidates to learn a lot about Tarique Rahman On that day he asked a lot of questions, including his position in the area, his role in ' the movement and movement.

But since then he has promised to give an instructional statement and to work for all party candidates of all.

Tareq Rahman also explains the situation of a party at # 39; and nominated by the interview with Skype from London.

Tarique Rahman has given a request to all the people – President Faisal, himself, outside the country, under the government, explains the situation – whether it works everybody when the party is nominated and the promise of everyone earning.

Someone who interviewed were almost emotional, looked at him and listened to him.

"After his discussion there is no other question about the individual's will," said the BNP leader expecting a nomination in a large district of Dhaka.

Candidate candidates were among those candidates who are currently featured on the last day of the conversation.

Arifa Jasmine, a nominee candidate from Netrokona, told the BBC, they have been interested in together and have worked together for Tarique Rahman to guarantee the victory of the party in the election.

But one of the quotes says they're on the # Currently, Tareq Rahman asked how you are?

One of the prominent nominees said: & # 39; We are not good & # 39; Then Mr. Rahman wants to know – why is not that good.

One of # Numbers in & # 39; t North said: "There is no democracy in the country, Mem of Democracy (Khaleda Zia) is in captivity, for these reasons we are not good."

Tareq Rahman said you can not change the condition? Can not you mother? What have you done for your mother? What do you do?

In response, the nominees will say they can.

Then Tareq Rahman, what should be when it may be? Is this possible by everyone? You want all nominations but we can give one to one. Want to work together to win the team, according to you?

All the answers each have worked together.

The BNP has said the party sold 4,580 party nominations for the promotion of the parliamentary elections.

The elections will be held on December 30th.

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