Sunday , August 1 2021

Wapperlist update April 23rd

The Commission Commission will, from April 23, update the citizens of the citizen to update the aldermen.

EU civil servants have said that about 80 lakh people gather information.

According to sources from the EC, the work of information is collected from April 23 to May 13. Those who are not 18, but transferred 16 (born 1 January 2003 or earlier) will receive their information. If the category is older then they will be included.

After collecting the information, the collection and registration of & quot; citizens' fingerprints will & # 39; October 25 through October 30 in the designated center.

52,000 500 information collectors change the category list; 10 million 500 controllers and 780 assistant register are appointed. When registering in each area, the letter will become specific.

In addition to new incentives in the update process, the names of dead electrical members are excluded from list and electrons are included in mandatory applications.

There are 5 brewed 25 lakh 12 thousand 105 men and 5 got 16 lakh 30 thousand 276 women in 10 41 lakh got 42 thousand 381 voters. In other words, the ratio of men and women to the electoral roll is 50.42: 49.58.

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