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Think about suicides 12 times & # 39; … – 713030 | Kaler Kantho

It's very easy to hear but the thing going on is how difficult it is to live a normal life! Actress Model Shabnam Faria Once Upon A Successful Thinking Not Just once or twice, in six months, at least 12 times thought successively & # 39; Devi & # 39; Actress said on her Facebook-hand. Faria said, "If the depression is easy to hear the word, what's going on this problem, only he knows how hard it's normal life!"

My first trip began in 2015 to a small & # 39; break-up! Although I just said a little, the case was not very small. At that time, I did not realize my family did not realize my unusual behavior, closing my room, trying to sleep slowly, not sharing with friends, sensitive messages on Facebook, not sleeping night after night Depression is a manifestation of depression. That was about six months, that was just about in my parents' bosom!

Secondly, after you leave your father! Since my childhood my parents have been the best friends since my childhood, and only my dad can only be my father and my friends. After the death of my father, I felt that there was no one in my life, what would I be when I was beaten! But my mother and I both knew I was depressed. My mother sent me to work on my father's day after 15 days! Then, what if I have to work, I forgive everything, because my profession is a strange profession, that can be another person if we come in this set!

But the mother was when I was home, but my mother was not in danger, she sent me to the clinic psychologist. and after I had been 2/3 times, my digestive service was gone!

Now why is it written! At least 12 times I'd think of suicides because of the first time # 39; less than six months of depression! Sitting sleeping stools sitting myself, I got myself with hours for hours. If I had to go through that time, would I be Shabban Faria today?
Do you make me Unknown / unknown people so much love I had no love for a man, so much love would be won? And now, the man who has my hand, my dream partner, where did you know him? At least how was I with him without reason?
Life is to make chances to feel, to stop, or to be a bigger person, what is your biography?

If this is not the case then your animals will be. When Sanjay Dutt was not as trained, we were an extraordinary film as Sanjur's #! Or if I had to do something, after I learned my father, what would my mother ever think my mother was around me, what would I be if I had something!

Every father is the worst thing of his children, but the expressing expression of each other is different! Somebod gets on the forehead and says: & # 39; Go to your homework. Free one, & # 39; I still have to read, a child of a dog? & # 39; But the motives of both are the same. My mother, as a good person, says, "If the mood is good," Baba prays after prayer, resolves all problems, think Dad, be thankful, Allah will deliver the message to your father. & # 39;

If the vote is so bad, then eat too much in the west, you will have no problems, who will be the one?
But think he wants me to say so well! There is much love hidden in this torture. However, it is very easy to get to the battlefield, but it's hard to win in battle, but when you're powered by once, the world will remember you, but if you leave, people will 40 days as a cowardly think!

If you are a Muslim, you do not have Janazah, you can think of how accidentally it is to your family, how much is it? If the TC was given to the assigned Aritri, would that be? Dad thought a bit of shame! Aunt spokes two four! But if Aritri got enough results from other schools, no one would recognize this event!

He was a good teacher, he is not a girl? Every mother? Not that they are unhappy?
Is this the main person who is misused by the b / o bargain, sariar, he is not a girl? Is it not detracted? But yes, this is a lesson for some educational settings! Lemon a little crazy! Education is a very important part of life, but this is not all! It is not required for everyone to get A +!
If something happens to parents and parents, this culture is nothing but this subcontinent.

If the child of a class Nine (he has baked) the child must also have his / her education! Has she learned in the last 10 years morality? Elderly parents will be proven to be a false educational institution, as you learned my kids that he could make a mistake to imitate! When I was in college, I got myself a mobile car for class teacher GM Sir! Since the Chittagong Cantonment Puble College is very strict, after 7 days I made a call to the gurus, she told me that I did not let myself participate in the college.

It was not a need to make a better one, but to ensure that what is good to me, my teachers, like my parents, also made concerts about me! Parents also have to look at children's changes, it is important to consult a physician or physiological problem for all the mental problems! It's no shame or nothing to hide! And education is very important to your future of children, but not more than their spiritual well-being!

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