Thursday , April 22 2021

The suggestions of young people to go to Gayle-Abi Mashrafe

After Rangpur, Mashrafe is headed by Gayle and De Villiers. Image: Prothom-alo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>, & # 39; there & # 39; s players in the franchise tournament have lots of places to play, it's more important for the team. That's how the team does. & # 39;

Mashrafe explained that under him, Gayle or De Villiers may be like stars or stars. He is, however, the captain of the candlestick warriors and has brought Gayle-Abby his most important to him. Mashrafe said: "Who's playing with the game I play in the game, it doesn't carry it at all. It's important to win."

There are & # 39; danger & # 39; to take all the big stars. Gayle can't be placed if he wants to. While both games were broken in Gayle Nivat, Rangpur could become the champion, the proof of the former BPL. Mashrafe said: "Our balance of our team is not like any other team. Above & # 39; we take a lot of risk. Even if the top order is played, we will be in a match. & # 39;

Many are driven over the big stars that come to play in the BPL franchise tournament. He said that because young people can share their sales room with them, they can learn a lot. Anyone could hear the echo of such a traditional word. But Mashrafe said the words. Mashrafe & # 39; s thought is a little different, & # 39; big stars are much more in & # 39; a green seal. But one thing, if someone does not want to know something about a big star or not, they will not say the same thing. Our duty and duty to read one of them. There are players like AB de Villiers in the dressing room. Not only the players of our team; If the players of other teams want to learn what they want to know, they are ready. "

Want to learn Bangladeshi crickets? Mashrafi & # 39; s came from & # 39; another question. Mashrafe & # 39; s tactical response: & # 39; It depends on & # 39; e person. Many of the soap bars have spoken. I think I have more time with them. As told by David Warner, Sabbi has spoken a lot. I also saw him on the field, he gave Sabbir a lot. This is a great opportunity for Bangladeshi cricketers. These players are not only successful in T-20 cricket. There are so many players that play very well all over the world. One-day, Twenty-Test, all-inclusive.

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