Tuesday , June 22 2021

The sister of Shubhshree Gangopadhyay tied the knot – Kolkata24x7

Kolkata: Actress Shubhshree Gangopadhyay has already shown how lovely it is to tie the knot and how to enjoy family life after marriage. And this time, Shubhshree’s sister and actress Debashree Gangopadhyay tied the knot.

Debashree Gangopadhyay wore off-white, pink combination sari, heavy gold jewelry and a rosary around his neck. That’s why Devashree and her happy squinting eyes and smile got more attention than the clothes. Reddened with vermilion, Debashree and her husband Amit reckon in a sweet romantic moment. Shubhshree himself shared the photo of his sister on social media.

Debashree married Amit Bhatia. The social site says that Amit Bhatia likes to travel. Amit was wearing black shorts and white pants. He also shared the photo of Debashree on his social page and referred to her as ‘Mrs. Bhatia’. On the other hand, Shubhshree welcomes the new member of the family as ‘Jamaibabu’.

When Didi Jamaibabu wished a happy marriage, Shubhshree wrote on the social site, ‘A new beginning, a new journey has begun, with a great and deeply memorable moment. Let all your wishes and dreams come true. Your life will be happier in the future, today is just the beginning. I love you so much dear sister. Stay well all the time. Welcome son-in-law to the family. ‘

However, in view of the Corona situation and the pandemic, Amit and Debashree got married in a very private ceremony in the presence of close friends and relatives.

Actress and MP Nusrat Jahan greeted Debashree and Amit on Shubhshree’s social media. Actress Falak.

Shubhshree also looked like a beautiful bride in a bright outfit at her sister’s wedding. He was wearing a yellow Benarsi with gold work on the red. Heavy gold jewelry on the neck and ears. A small red tip on the forehead and a light lipstick on the forehead. The various moments of the day were frozen in light of a new beginning in the bond of family love.

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