Friday , July 23 2021

The opportunity to return to Dhaka is over today, there is a long queue on the highway

Eid holiday is not over yet. However, the strict restrictions of two weeks will begin throughout the country on Friday (July 23). That the people who went home on Eid are desperate to return to the capital in a hurry. As a result, people crowded on the highways and ferries.

Strict protection comes from tomorrow to stop the spread of coronavirus. Those who have gone home to Eid, those who do not want to stay in the village in Lockdown, are returning to the capital today. Today is the last day to relax the strict restrictions on the occasion of Eid.

Tomorrow, Friday (July 23), another 14-day strict ban was announced. At present, all public and private offices as well as public transport will be closed.

Many return to Dhaka before the start of the siege in case of emergency. These include those involved in daily needs as well as emergency services. Once again, most of those who return only return without their families.

Those returning to the capital from the northern Bengal districts should get long traffic jams on the Dhaka-Tangail highway. On the second day of Eid, passenger pressure has increased at Shimulia Ghat on the Shimulia-Banglabazar route since Thursday (July 22) morning. As the day progresses, the audience increases at the shore. Apart from passing through Shimulia Ghat, the pressure of passengers is also seen from South Bengal to Dhaka via Banglabazar Ghat.

On the other hand, the passengers who went to South Bengal for various reasons also return to Dhaka. More than three and a half hundred cars are waiting to cross at Shimulia Ghat.

BIWTC Shimulia Ghat Assistant Manager. Mahabubur Rahman said 14 ferries have been plaguing this route since this morning. The pressure of passengers as cars has increased since morning.

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