Monday , November 29 2021

The new Samsung phone will have a different image


( Samsung Galaxy A8S smartphones are expected to quickly open. And before earning a little money from this phone, the Slashclycus information leaflet was released.

It is shown in the picture that the camera of this new phone will be rented in the screen and the cellphone camera under the rental. And this new technology is called Infinity-O display. In addition, this phone will have three real camera and fingerprint sensors.

Samsung has the new Galaxy A8S phone in Galaxy 6S and Galaxy A9 in # 39; Open Open Gym. The image will show the screen in the display. The camera on the left side of the display will be there. The camera's camera camera will be below.

But in one report, it was reported that this camera is viewed in the display outside the phone. And behind the phone will be a triple back camera.

These features, however, are read only, but Samsung has not specified any features of this new phone on its official website. To view the display, the client must wait until the official announcement of Samsung.

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