Tuesday , May 30 2023

The EC provided ECN reports.


BNP submitted a list of arrested activists to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the Awami League office to the Election Commission.

Today, on Sunday, August 11, the Agargaon Election Commission submits this list to the Electoral Commissioner (CEC). A two-person delegation led by Salahuddin Khan.

The BNP complained to the EC that the case list had been communicated to the prime minister. But he did not keep his promise. Since the announcement of the calendar, their leaders and activists have been arrested, accused and harassed.

In addition, the BNP has arrested leaders and activists of the Election Commission by ignoring law enforcement orders. According to Erist, 773 BNP activists have been arrested since the announcement.

I sent a letter to people living overseas to ask for a list of liars and prisoners in full-scale conversations with the prime minister on November 1. In the light of the BNP, the first case was listed on behalf of the Prime Minister and the Secretary General of the Awami League, which was submitted to BNP on November 7th. The team submitted 2,000 cases to the prime minister at the second stage on November 13th.

According to the prime minister's pledge, the BNP asked whether the events to be submitted in the two cases, arrests of arrested activists and arrests of arrested activists, had not been announced so far.

In this letter, "there is no doubt that the arrests of activists arrested and arrested under the Prime Minister's promise are undoubtedly surprising. Since the election schedule was announced on July 8, 773 BNP activists have been arrested The list was given with the Election Commission on November 15. After the announcement, law enforcement agents continued to investigate and arrest BNP activists and police investigations despite orders from the Election Commission. A given list will be given to you (Election Commissioner).

Despite the announcement of the calendar, the threats and arrests of law enforcement officials continue at the defendant 's home, unless the election commission' s committee ignores the election commission 's instructions. You (CEC) urged the activist to immediately stop the arrest of activists.

On November 16, BNP submitted a list of 472 leaders and activists from the CEC.

On November 8, the 11th parliamentary election schedule was announced. According to the referendum, the last day to submit the nomination letter is November 28. The last date for the withdrawal of candidates on December 2 is December 9 and the vote is held on December 30.

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