Friday , July 30 2021

The BNP leader was in Bogra in & # 39; New Year's Eve & # 39; a house hit

Bogra sadar upazila BNP general secretary Mahbub Alam Shaheen

Bogra sadar upazila BNP general secretary Mahbub Alam Shaheen

Bogra Sadar Upazila BNP General Secretary Attorney Mahbub Alam Shaheen (55) is haunted by the miscarriages.

On Sunday afternoon at 10.30 hours, a group of 5-7 people were banned by the miscarriages in the upazila brand area. The pedestrians rescued Bogra Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College (Shajimech), while the dozen doctor put him to death.

Lawyer Mahbub Alam Shaheen is the son of Anisur Rahman Dula Mia of Dharampur area of ​​Bogra Sadar. Although the politics, the law was dealing with the profession.

The police and the dead were not able to say anything about the kitten.

Senior officers from the police tried to identify the killers with the footage of the CC Cameras in the adjoining building.

Police and farms say Mahbub Alam Shahin's lawyer is using to talk to Nimu Union President Alimuddin and some people on Nishindara's sub-city night. Before 10pm on sunday he came to the sub-market with his own car. Golam Mustafa bought a Travel Owner named Abu Taher from Bismillah Chowl.

He told the merchant that he was driving in a private car that he would give flacsload to the mobile phone.

The miscarriages fell on him at 10.30. His body ran through the stomach and eyelashes in several places. After a couple of days he ran around the road. Traders and shoppers left all stores.

During this time, two passers-by, Ibrahim and Duke, deserved the bloody Shaheen and took it in a clinic in Namyagarh. From there the doctors came back. Then Mohammad Ali gave him to the hospital and the doctor declared him dead.

Police Super Ali Ashraf Bhuiyan, superintendent of Police Bureau Arifur Rahman, extra superintendent of police (media) Sanatan Chakraborty and other officials of the circle church went to the scene. There were flowers on some places on the street. They tried to identify the killers with the CC footage of the next building.

Bogra is the councilor Syed Sergil Ahmed Tipu who says that BNP member Advocate Shahin has used to talk to Alimuddin and others in the sub-market area of ​​& # 39; city. He could not immediately comment on the murders.

Extra Superintendent of Police (Media) Sanatan Chakraborty said no judgment was found until Sunday at 1:30 pm on Sunday. The family members of & # 39; the deceased could not comment.

Meanwhile, the district president of BNP Saiful Islam and General Secretary Joynal Abedin Chan Shajimek went to the hospital to include murder information from Sadar upazila BNP general secretary Mahbub Alam Shahin. They express intense refutations and grammar at & nbsp; orders, and instantly add the killers and ask their example of punishment. Otherwise they will build up the movement.

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