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Tajwa, led by LRB in the band festival today

Showbiz Desk: The band & # 39; is held for the fifth time in the case of Channel i. Currently participating in 17 strip parties in an event with LRB at Channel.
From the start of the festival, the latest guitarist Legend Ayub Bachchu and his team LRB this series will be one of the greatest surprises of this festival. Tajuar, his son Ayub Bachchu's departure would lead him.
Today the band festival is revoked on 17 December at 10:30 pm with 17 band members. The program will continue until 5pm. LRB will perform the latest performances. Channel I Director and Message Sheikh Siraj gave welcome in the press conference. He said, "Fifty years is to reach the point of success of the band festival. The festival began under the leadership of Ayub Bachchu. Now there is a wide variety of competitions. Some time before Ayub Bachchu died, he talked to us about this case. But he could not see. We are, however, the hope, his son and the band. "From 17 November the 17 teams of 17 teams, including the difference, various races, obscure, boggy, matricel, Dalchhat, feedback, water lied, artel, participate in the fifth band festival. Festivals, Apu Mahfouz, Safi Ahmed and Dilruba Sathi talk of the whole ceremony, Ananya Ruma will be required.

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