Wednesday , December 8 2021

Sushmita Sen acknowledged love


Many Bollywood actresses are at the height of their marriage in 35 years of marriage. But Sushmita Sen could not choose a 42-year-old partner. But many people involved in their names.
Sushmita's new lover, Rohman Shol, 27, is crying for her love for a few days. Buzz says they will marry next year.
Finally, Sushmita opened his mouth with a new love. Previous Universe Instagram confirmed Rohaman's love. But he said, "I will not get married.
Sushmita Sen is always aware of fitness. He shared a Saturday (November 10th) physical training video in Instagram, and he is busy with exercising when speculation is under way. All speculation will be frustrated. "He added a hashtag and a Rohmansing & # 39;
This post of Sushmita was seen on Sunday (November 11) at 3 lakh 27,000 542 times. Many of the devoted and well-off people appreciated their honesty and sincerity.
Sushmita and Rohman Shol were introduced a few months ago. Sushmita shared the rumor of two athletes performing with athletes.
In another video, Rohaman has been playing with Sushmita's adopted daughter, Aishwarya and Alisha. Shilpa Shetty's party was with Deepawali. Prior to that, Sushmita from Taj Mahal listened to two adopted daughters, Rohmans and friends.
In 2000, Sushmita adopted the title of 2010 Male Alias ​​with Rishi. On the big screen he finally showed up in the Bengal film 'Nirvak'.
Source: NDTV

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