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Sonar Bangla's dream is life: Sohel Taj

Sonar Bangla's dream is life: Sohel Taj

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Tajimuddin Ahmed, son of Tajimuddin Ahmad, son of the first minister of # 39; the state, asked to vote in a boat to keep the spirit of independence and golden Bengals in Bangladesh.

He said in the past 10 years, peace and stability in the country, by the disaster, aggression and economic problems that have been in the past. This is possible by the Awami League, the leading party in the Free Camp, came to power. So, not only for the development, but for keeping the freedom of consciousness in the boat, we want to take again in # 39; the boat.

He said that at a yacht meeting organized by Awami League leader Khaled Khurram on the initiative of various labor organizations in Kapasia in Gazipur on Sunday.

In the Governor of Gazipur-4, arrangements were made to get the yatra in & # 39; the election of Awami League older sister Simin Hossain Rimi.

Sohel Taj, who has long been from politics, arrived on Monday to the land of # 39; the United States to take part in the election campaign for his sister. She is setting up the field for sister. The authority of the yard was just a continuation of that.

Sohel Taj said about the anniversary he's been sharing in # 39; the election of our home in selection for the development and welfare of the country.

He said, my sister and I are the same. In the next election, he called the older sister Simin Hossain Rimi to vote for the vote and vote again for the candidate.

In Gazipur-4 conflict, Awami League candidate Simin Hossain Rimi said: "I'm still a farmer." I do not want to be a leader or an employee of the life party, I want to be with you. My father Late Tajuddin Ahmed led the liberation and later worked for the welfare of the country.

He said Maa Syeda Zohra Tajuddin was the party responsible for the absence of Bangabandhu. My younger brother Tanjim Ahmed sent Sohel Taj two times to the parliament. You also have chosen twice.

Simin Hossain said Rimi, "I wish you all the blessings and support of Bangabandhu with happiness and to make the arm of this country." I and my family are always with you and will be there.

Awami League representative of Gazipur-4's meeting gave the meeting to Chairman Kabir Master and Chairman of Kapasia Sadar Union Parishad Shakhawat Hossain Pradhan spoke in # 39; Chair of the chairman of # 39; e rally Mohammad Shahidullah, former president Ajgar Rashid.

The bigger sister Sohel Taj, Sharmin Ahmed Ripi, Muhammad Ahmed Mimi, Barrister Turaj Ahmed Taj, son of Sohel Taj, and Rakib Hossain, son of Simin Hossain Rimi, were also present.

In the 2008 election, Sohel Taj was elected a member state of Gazprom-4 government. On January 6, 2009, Sohel Taj was appointed State Secretary of State, but on May 31, 2009, he came abruptly from the government. Go to the conquered United States.

He also agreed on the parliament on July 7, 2012. The former state minister of the interior says he will not come to politics, but he will also be involved in social activities.

Sohel Taj returned to the last National Council of Awami League. Then there was a discussion between politics and politics that Sohel Taj would be active in politics. At that time he met the party chairman and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The secret began to be that Sohail Taj was sent to the most important post of party. However, he was not in the central committee of # 39; e Awami League.

In his personal life, Sohel Taj has one son and two daughters. Big boy Turaj Ahmad Taj gave a Barrister of London University Sohel in United States of America with the Taj family.

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