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Shawshare was sent by the voice of Goddess and Riddhi

The artist Devjit Bandyopadhyay and Riddhi Bandyopadhyay's music in Shilpakala academy expanded care among visitors in the evening – Sushil Kumar

Calcutta researcher and musician Dr. Devdit Bandyopadhyay and musician Riddhi Bandyopadhyay were present at the art gallery auditorium of Shilpakala Academy. Both of them received honor from two Bengali people in their song and research. Artist Academy and theater dramatized organized by the organizer of the ceremony yesterday the audience followed the public audience. Winter sketch of a winter music conference brought to # 39; the podium of dancers.

Director General Liaquat Ali Lucky understood the flowers and artists of artists. In the president of Liaquat Ali Lucky, the academy understood the artists at the beginning of # 39; the ceremony, academics secretary Mohammad Badrul Alam Bhuiyan and cultural personality Ramendu Majumder.

Devjit Bandyopadhyay started the song "I came here with the woman" Hai. And Riddhi Bandyopadhyay started with Atul Prasad's # Do not go to home & # 39; song.

Stedebank NA on Alauddin Ali receives

And my Bangla mem-tore, which was in the eyes of eugenballen, is this world no more than the world, and the musical director of all songs of various festive songs, the music director Alauddin Ali was limited by Citibank NA.

The prize was held on Friday afternoon in the Radisson Hotel in capital. Citibank NA City Hall Director and City Country Officer N Rajeshkran (Shekhar), painter Mustafa Monowar, received the box, portrait and honorary control of Alauddin Ali. Alauddin Ali spoke about the founder of the World Sahitya Center, Abdullah Abu Sayeed, artist Syed Abdul Hadi. Mr. Shams Zaman, Head of Corporate Banking and Investment Banking, was one of Citibank NA's directors and the welcome speech.

Later was the music concert. In the beginning Alauddin Ali melody, music, & # 39; Someone else has given me no word yet, song it Syed Abdul Hadi. Then he & # 39; e-mail blocked Ami Kiira & # 39 ;. Then Farzana Ali came to the stage with the song. He sings one for one, My mother is my mother, I'm going to be # 39; Then sang, with Arif, Farazana Ali in a double voice, You're loving me, & # 39; Friends have not seen three days, I have not seen, # 39; Stay happy and my nandini read.

The 11th stage of Hamlet & # 39;

Syed Shamsul Haq transferred William Shakespeare's Hamlet & # 39; Hamlet & # 39; drama was the 11th stage of week. Ataur Rahman Rahman gave instructions on the drama set in the national drama Shilpakala Academy. This was the latest version of Syed Shamsul Huq for he died of cancer.

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