Tuesday , January 18 2022

Shawmy is also criticized as a one-pound smartphone.


Shawmy was criticized by smartphones for only one pound in the UK. Chinese technology companies had to be blamed for two or three devices promoting "Flash Cells" and "Crazy Deals", and the final message was released.

Shawmy has recently officially launched smartphone sales in the UK. The brand launched a campaign to sell two new 2-pound models in two weeks.

However, the customer complained that only two or three handsets were sold per campaign. At the same time, the device closes and closes after a short time in the campaign.

Technical experts notify Shawmis's Web site of all devices on the product without verifying whether the product was encrypted and sold. In the virtual world, there was a debate all over Shawomi.

Shawmy acknowledged that the matter had been confessed in a statement. However, it is expected that Shawmo fans will not be able to participate in this campaign anymore.

Shawmy said in a BBC interview that since early 2013, these flash cells have been built in many countries around the world. Our goal is to provide lucky winners with phones at nominal prices.

The spokesman also said that this kind of campaign in the UK was our first. And this campaign has attracted a lot of people we could not guess. I am sorry that many people can not make this offer. However, we hope that Shawmo fans will be able to win by joining handsets when we start such a campaign.

Recently, Shoomy launched a campaign with the promise to offer high-tech phones to low-cost customers. And it quickly became popular among users. Generally, Shawumi radio has a large number of devices. Last year, 50 devices from other sponsored campaigns in Spain were allocated under this proposal.

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