Thursday , April 22 2021

Shabir's forehead is open?

Sabbir has long been the national team. Image: Prothom Alo.

Sabbir was internationally received for disciplinary reasons for six months. The ban is almost close. In the BPL, Mashrafe made 85 runs against Rangpur in a match

BPL plays, but get to New Zealand in the spirit. In Sabbir Rahman's thinking, it will increasingly work. The international war ban is almost at an end. Bangladesh tour ahead to New Zealand tour The purpose of Sabbir is to return to the national team with this tour. But can he come back?

To put it in the tournament, Sabbir only played one innings, against Sylhet Rangpur Riders, 85 in 85. The only captain of Mashrafe in Bangladesh was very inhaled by these inmates. Today, to & # 39; one end of & # 39; a match must speak the national team more than the BPL. The subject of Sabbir also came. Mashrafe said: "There is nothing to say. But in the last game we played against him, he has the ability to play such a war, so he has a lot of expectations. Hope to keep it." ;

Bangladesh has been unable to pay attention to the response to the sand plate number for a long time. This effort has been done a lot with Sabbir. The actions are made with Mosaddek Hossain, Ariful, Saifuddin. But today, the captain's selection, he didn't understand they want to give up on Sabbiraye again. New Zealand – A attacking batsman in a high scoring game at the right-hand stage in & # 39; New Zealand-England conditions are a must, that will give the team a good score in the 4-5 overs. And it is better for Sabbir to meet that question

In September of last year, Sabbi, who was banned for six months in the international discipline, was not last month in a rally in an international force. But, in BPL's, Mashrafe's 85 against the inaugural, as he plays himself to the new level. However, at the end of these presentations, Sabbir does not want to confirm that Mashrafe is coming back. But after her opinion that the Sabbir is clear, & # 39; from top order, to six numbers, I don't think there's a big change possible. Perhaps extra checkers, if they take two extra bats, can have the chance. Here is the case of the extra batsman, Sabbir, Mossadek. The chance to do well for them will increase. & # 39;

How does Mashrafee go after trying the form of cricketer such as Soumya Sarkar or Mominul Haque? The two stars in BPL did not do anything. Both of them were released from Rajshahi Kings XI. Mashrafe said: "It's really like cricket. It's not unbelievable. I know as much as I am, trying to be majestic. An inauguration could change its shape. They can even increase their confidence. The wraps are also uncertain. Some matches he played outside of his position, Mominul started well in some matches, he tries, but I can't play for long.T-Twenty is too small to understand more than to play, there are many more points to play. both get them back.

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