Friday , July 30 2021

Sehwag's intensive attack on Sehwag

Jayawrath runs out of Chennai Super Kings (CSK). The Kolkata Knight Riders lose Sunday 5 weeks. Defend the Championship at & # 39; e top of & # 39; a table with 14 points from 8 matches in 14 matches. But after the discussion, Mahendra Singh Dhoni returned to Ancient Indian opener Viranner Sehwag made him a heavy attack.

Captain Chennai has debated the controversy with the knight against Rajasthan Royals. Rothi and Maharishthas are unable to attack him in a strong language. Forward Sehwag to & # 39; coast Criticism The previous team-level of the national team is from & # 39; e & # 39; small & # 39; penalty left, he said.

Chennai won the last match against Rajasthan in a nervous match. In the game, Dhoni entered the field and spoke to the knight. He became 50 percent of his match money. Viru said Dhoni should be banned at least two or three matches. There may be an example for other captains or cricketer.

Chennai needs 18 rounds in the last to win against Rajasthan. The player was Ben Stokes in that over. Dhoni was for the third wicket The last three balls of eight were equal. The fourth ball was Fultus. For height, the name & # 39; No Ball & # 39 ;, design Ullah Gandhe. But Bruce Oxenford, legally responsible, canceled the decision. As a result, the cold head of the CSK team leader loses his heart. He is responsible for the knight and opponents who submit the field of Dougout.

Nowadays, the world-renowned leader has so bad enough that Sehwag never saw. Dhoni said that Dhoni may be more emotional for Chennai. And maybe withdraw one year later. That's why it became so emotional.

Viru does not feel appropriate for Dhoni enough to enter the field. He was imprisoned and released a little. The referee could have banned matches in two or three matches.

Sehwag left home at Sehwag's ferry. It seems that in the future, every other group can enter the field and become involved with the impulse. It will lose the importance of all decisions made by people in power.

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