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Salman insists that Bollywood banned Mika Singh


The Western India Cine Employers Association (FWIC) has said that there is misery on the front when Bollywood brother Salman Khan works with the popular vocal artist of the country Mika Singh.

So the organization warned Salman Khan.

Mika Singh is currently banned in & # 39; the Indian film industry. Mika Singh appeared on an occasion to sing in Karachi, while his crime, relations with Pakistan and India were quite high in the Kashmir issue.

According to the All India Cine Workers Association (AICWA), Micah's songs cannot be used in every Indian cinema. As of now, no Indian artist, hero, heroine can work with Mika Singh.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has made such an announcement. Salman Khan and Mika Singh are scheduled to follow in the same stage in six US cities next month.

When the case was reported, Salman was warned by the FWICE not to act with Mika.

Ashok Dubey, general secretary of the organization, said: "We have banned everyone, which means actors, directors and even a spot young as a technician cannot work with that artist." That is, the artist who works with Mika will also be banned. Whether it's Salman Khan as the general spot boy of the & # 39; e set. & # 39;

Mika recently sang at & # 39; s wedding by Mehdi, daughter of & # 39; e Pakistani industrialist Adnan Asad.

Much controversy has begun in the & # 39; social media of the country, as in & # 39; e Indian media.

Mika was not allowed to handle the controversy and criticism. The issue revolves around that event in Karachi.

According to a Pak media, members of the & # 39; s family of Most Wanted Mafia don Dawood Ibrahim appeared at the wedding of Mehdi, the daughter of Pakistani industrialist Adnan Asad.

The news of Mika Singh's presence at the event, culminating with the family of Most Wanted Mafia Dawn in India, came to light after the news.

Discussion caught the idea of ​​Salman & # 39; s stage show in America with Mika Singh fired.

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