Monday , November 29 2021

Sachin Debavian Music Festival begins


The three day musical party began in the public library in a capital with the songs of legendary music by Sachin Devvarman of # 39; the subcontinent.

Financial Times Abul Maal Abdul Muhith has given it to Shawkat Osman Memorial Auditorium of the Public Library on Friday evening.

BahiniShikha has organized the participation of musicians and dancers from India and Bangladesh. This festival is like the fifth time.
Convener of the Festival Celebration Conference, President of Golam Kuddus, President of the Secretary General of # 39; The Association, President of Bangladesh Ganjang Samannay Parishad, Fakir Alamgir, director and director of IFC Bank Shah A Sarwar and Indira Gandhi Cultural Center Director in Dhaka. Neipa Chowdhury

On the occasion, the Financial Times said, "The most important reason of Sachin Dev Barman was sung, so he brought his legacy to the music world. # 39; n music festival.
The Minister thanks the Bahnishek for this event.

Shah A Sarwar, director & director of IFIC Bank, said: "Part of people or mass music is a mongo of human awareness, this music is the music of the human heart." Sachin Devvarman has these popular songs with classical music It is rare in this subcontinent, he has taken this music internationally.

Shah at Sarwar said: "We are proud that this great man was born in Bangladesh. He grew up in the ground, water and air.
His songs are songs of all kinds. Even if the people live in this country, as long as the Bengalis live, they will live in human hearts.
Fakir Alamgir said to the ceremony: "Listen to the music of Sachin Devbarman laughing from our community His songs have grown to the nature of the national Bengal, the life of the countryside Bangladesh has made many foreign songs, but He did not forget the Bangla.

After the inauguration ceremony, renowned artists from India and Bangladesh performed music and dance.
Servies Banishiski – you are no longer, you are …, two songs by Nichol foot's Rinik Jhinik

Chandana Majumdar, Tansen Rahman, Sandipan served solo-music. Manojushree That came from India from Assam, and his team played singles and party music. Also, Soumitra Shankar, came from Assam in India, dance dancing group.

DhakaTimes / November 23 / DR / ES

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