Tuesday , October 19 2021

Sabella's youngest disease, standing next to Manoj


Clipatomania is a kind of thick disease. A person can not prevent himself from suffering from this illness. But there is no relationship with his personal or financial gain with this will. The actress, Shilla Noor, popularly known from the small screen, but in reality, he has played such a role in a game.

The name of the game is # Name of # the distance called. The game is composed by Shafiqur Rahman Shantanu and ruled by Dipu Hajra. Manoj Pramanik played against Saliba Only in the game.

In the story of the drama, Shabila Noor lips from his shoulder. Often he dies little things. What is not needed. Sometimes they do not use any set things, they work out. One day he became a soldier in an arsenal of cosmetics. After the trial until the police station.

The OC from the police advised her gypsy to see him psychiatrist. The story of the game remains in this way

The drama has played more. Inamul Haque, Rimi Karim, Kay Rahman, Mili Munshi, Asif Nazrul, Baishakhi Gauri, Mohana and others.

According to sources, the special drama – Nirman Naam Harman & # 39; dedicated to Grameenphone will be broadcast on Gazi TV on Thursday 7:45.


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