Thursday , June 17 2021

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Showbiz Desk: Musician Arfin Rumi is back to music after two years. After breaking a long break he is back to the new song. And in the song is his partner again, Zahid Akbar again Zahid Akbar
The lyricist got big population by writing the song & # 39; Akash Me & # 39; in your eyes. In her words, Rumi, recently voted in the song titled "You See You." With the sending of the voice, the music is also composed by Arfin Rumi. The song is already complete. The movie show's popular program & # 39; Changes & # 39; BTV is also complete. After 10pm tonight this will be promoted in romantic style. Rumi said, "After a long time, I went back to the fans with new songs. I stood up for this song. Audiences get innovation in melody Jahid Bhai wrote the lyrics of the song in special words." : "My song song with Rumi is always good. Rumi made it like it did. The song will be available to listen to a new singer Rumi. Thanks to Anjam Masud Bhau, the host of & # 39; Changes & # 39 ;, to create the platform of both of us together. & # 39; & # 39; There are many songs by Arfin Rumi and Zahid Akbar popular, Zahid wrote the first song for Rumi, in & # 39; 39: This is the love of Shahin Kabir Tutul.The song "Invasion of this city" has received a heart, then Jahid Akbar wrote Rumi & # 39; Veja Veja Hawa & # 39; The movie "Most Welcome" for Mamun, organized by Mumun, yet made a number of songs, but Arfin Rumi & # 39; Premobashi Tumo & # 39; album & # 39; sky in my eyes is the full month of my month, of the inside that you love my # 39; received a whole audience. Rumi-Zahid was identified as a couple in a music circle,

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