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Rooms of Kader Khan's death – Part Biz

Showbiz Desk: In the past, the rumor of Bollywood actor Kader Khan is dying after All India Radio Meanwhile, his son Sarfaraz Khan said his father was alive.
Bollywood actor Kader Khan, who died on Saturday, is treated in All India Radio, a hospital in Canada. However, the family of the actor says Kader Khan is healthy. The news of his death was completely rumored.
Two days ago, the news was that he was shot at a Canadian center because he was eating. Due to the nuisance of his situation, he was saved in the life support system. Yesterday's speculation spread over the night: 81-year-old Bangladeshi actor Kader Khan, who's in trouble The news of his death spreads quickly on the Internet. Earlier in the past, his death has been consumed more than once.
Meanwhile, on Monday morning, his son Sarfaraz Khan told reporters that his father was alive. Spaces of his death are rays Sarfaraj, the news agency PTI, said: "The news is a lie. My father takes treatment at the hospital.
Kader Khan was born in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. Kader Khan started in 1973 with his Bollywood career with the film & # 39; Daga & # 39; with Rajesh Khanna. She has played over 300 movies. Writing is about 250 photos.

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