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Priyanka will dance to the marriage of Ambanani Isha marriage!


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Priyanka will dance to the marriage of Ambanani Isha marriage!

Priyanka Nick's marriage and a few days in hand. On 2 December Priyanka will be in a wedding celebration in the Umedbhavanpalaat in Jodhpur with Nick. Even before the pre-wedding celebration begins. But this December is another great homage in Mumbai. And it must be the marriage of the only daughter of Mukesh Ambani to Isha Ambani. And Isha is the friend of Priyanka Chopra. So Priyanka will be present in her marriage, together with Priyanka dance to the series of Isha and Anand's wedding ceremonies

The news of Jenew's magazine said that the festival of Isha and Anand in Baghdad in September in Italy arises in Lake Komoto. There were a number of Bollywood stars present. Priyanka Chopra was among them. Even Jon was nicknamed. In addition, a few days ago, Priyankar Bachelor Party in Amsterdam also attended the meeting.

Priyanka will perform dance performances with a large group of Isha Ambani's wedding all started the group. However, it is not known whether Priyanka practices. In December, on December 12, is the girl of # 39; Ambani daughter Isha, who is married to industrialist Ajay Parimal and Anita Nammal, son of Swati Parimal. Already there are many rights of the family of Ambanië.

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