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Present coordinator Badi

Abdur Rahman Badi

  • 10 families of Bodhisatti police bureau of Bodi
  • The number of humers can be one hundred
  • Perhaps going into the second week of February
  • Promotions got powerful, but it doesn't
  • There is panic in the area now about tradition
  • What is not clear about surrenders?

Earlier Abdur Rahman Badi text law was not handed over as & # 39; pattern & # 39; of horror company Yaba company. He works as a coordinator & # 39; in the offer process of other Yaba traders called the council. However, the local police bureau refuses to call him the coordinator. In her language, like many others, Badi also helps the administration in this process.

Abdur Rahman Bodi, who is known as "pattern" in all lists of home affairs ministry and department of Narcotics Control, has innocent in & # 39; prime ministerial prime minister and home ministry research West. In & # 39; a first light of & # 39; a transit transmitter in Teknaf-Myanmar on Monday he said, "Yaba syndicate has gone a lot of money and entered invalid in my list in the list of administration. I am going to make yaba business Who is guilty, they will come now . & # 39;

But family members of many who hand in the first light, first saw that the former MP was Badhi. But now you won't hand over Badi. Thus there was anxiety in her surroundings. In order to & # 39; not know them so far, what will be the decision about who's coming. The right-handed rights can be deleted from three to six months in a prison. Some people think that if there is a fear of cross-traffic, outside the police, it is better to be in a guard.

Earlier, the arrested Yaba soldiers were arrested, but the police arrested Abdur Rahman. Subsequently, this government was sponsored & # 39; sponsored & # 39; written in some media. Talk to him on TV special shows. He was, however, condemned to one month's prison in a case of reimbursement liability of unknown wealth.

The day of the release of Yaba merchants has not yet been found. However, the Superintendent of Cox's Bazar Masud Hossain said in the first light, everything is final, but the police tradition has been handed over by the week. It may be a day in the second week of February. He deserves hundreds of Yaba traders to surrender.

According to local sources, 66 people were arrested for extradition in Cox's Bazar Police Lines. There are 2 to 16 cases present against them. There are at least five public representatives in this list. Abdur Rahman Bodi's three brothers, Abdul Amin, said. Shafiq and Md. Faisal; Cousin said. Alam, Khalatou brother Mang Mong Singh, Fufato brother Kamrul Islam, Bhagan Sahdur Rahman, Beai Jamal Hossain, Shahed Kamal and Subrang Union Parishad member Mozzen Hossain. Two three brothers from Bodi came from Dubai to surrender.

Abdur Rahman even acknowledged the fact that his relationships, which were found in the list of Yaba traders, stem from surrendering. He communicated with each of them. Although he was not accepted to comment on the number of families and whether or not to act yaba. Badi said: "Letters and sisters, whose names I say, I say that you go to the shelter of law. Isn't it involved, I do not say it now. To prove in court "I talked to everyone. At the police … if you keep the house, you will talk the truth."

But the other members of Bodi & # 39; s younger brother Abdus Shukkur and Maulvi Mujibur Rahman, cousin Kamrul Hasan Russel, the younger sister of the deceased Syed Hossain member and the bookkeeper of Badi Bhai Shukkur, Maruf Bin Khalil alias Babu is still outside. It is not known whether they surrender or not.

There are 66 people from the Godfather's house in the ministry of house ferries and 66 people in Teknaf. Anti-drug campaign started in 4 May countries in the late countries. After that, 286 people were killed in a police bureau with lawmakers. Initially, the government began to earn the proceeds of the narcotics traders.

Prostom-alo has spoken to the families of three people who were handed over. The relationship of one of the old Teknaf Pallan pairs told the first light that the surrender process had started after & # 39; t Bodi & # 39; s wife's oath as the MP was. He returned to Teknaf and told his family that he would not take responsibility if he did not live within five days. He will surrender himself, he said. Thus, everyone must convince the government, earning by tradition after the government. Those who left on January 11 went to Teknaf Awami League office. From then on, the Cox's Bazar Police Lines were taken over.

An expert on Teknaf bus station sees the story of tradition. Teknaf upazila Awami League office also in the area. He said, after night Abdur Rahman Badi came to Awami League office in a car. His car was flying in front of and behind the engine. Inspector Enamul Haque of Nazirpara went to Bodi & # 39; s car to surrender. That same day his brother Md. Faisal also goes for surrender. It was not known whether he was in the car or not. After that, the Bodi car drove to Cox's Bazar. There was a private TV channel behind. Locats say that Bodi is also a TV channel journalist. The families of the traditions said, "They know they sent the accused families to the Deputies."

Abdur Rahman Budi refuses coordination in the surrender process. He said in the first light: & # 39; I ask them for the elections. I said, people die for the eyes. Woman is the man, the young loses the father, the tune of calling everywhere. How long do you want to do this? You're trying to surrender it. That's what I said. They introduced volunteer use. "He also said that crucifix or gunfight was getting a background behind. That scares and captures people; it's pretty good. He says everyone will be handed over.

No one knows what will happen
At least two responsible sources have said in the first light, today 65 or 66 people have been offered to police lines. No one knows where the rest is. Among the people in the police bureau, Teknaf Upazila Parishad president Jafar Ahmed's son Didar Mia, cousin May. Siraj, Hanila UP member Nurul Huda, Jamal Hossain and his son Shah Azam, Subrang Union Parishad member Rezaul Karim, general secretary of the upazila BNP general secretary Ziaur Rahman and Abdur Rahman, Teknaf municipal nururus Nurul Bashar Nurshad, female councilor Kahinur & Shah Alam, Teknaf Sadar Union Parishad member Enamul Haque and Hannala Abdullah and Syed Ahmad.

In the police lie are two cases against Abdul Amin, Nurul Huda and Enamul Haque are accused in 11 cases, Ziaur Rahman and Abdur Rahman are accused in five cases. Next to Shah Alam 4, Md. There are nine cases against Zubair, 16 named in Mozammel's name, 3 for Mong Mong Singh and Syed Ahmad. One of the families of these five victims was a cruiser.

No families were found on Monday to visit the house of two brothers of Godar Bill, Abdur Rahman and Ziaur Rahman. On the condition of & # 39; names, one of them called first-time removals & # 39; a mobile phone: "We have heard that Abdur Rahman handed Badi over. If it is meant to be." Now they are skeptical about the transparency of this process.

The families of a person who surrenders from Jaliyapara have also said that Abdur Rahman Badi contacted his affairs in Dubai. He handed over to Teknaf after he got his promise and handed him over. He said the Bodi family also handed over. That is a relationship today. But they don't know what's happening at end.

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