Monday , November 29 2021

Pornography is distributed by this app! And this is the big decision


Remove iOS App Store to Distribute Pornographic Pornography, Tumblr's app on Micro Blogging Website. Tumblr's iOS app is not available in November App Store on November 16. The reason behind the removal of the app has not been declared in the first instance. It's called "# ~ # ~" authors, "They work to solve the problem of running an iOS application." Later, it is known that Apple has downloaded the app to distribute material on the platform.

Tumblr's statement states: "If a photo is offered on the platform, the children are sexually interrupted by a database of sensitive material, and the embedded images are filtrated, the findings found are killed by less data in & # 39; the database. " The photos will be removed immediately. But the app did not return to the App Store. Tumblr is already in Android Play Store for Android customers.

Adult content has some green signal in Tumblr. Therefore, the application app has been excluded earlier in Indonesia. The problem of child pornography is completely different. Apple's iOS policy clearly states that apps should filter these types of components. Tumblr could not keep this default. Tumblr is about to launch the app as soon as possible on app apps. However, there is no specific date.

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