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People who have multiple marriages


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A significant number of singers appeared in the music industry in Bangladesh. Many of them reached the pinnacle of success, but they had to be found by chance in their life. This is why you should sit at least once in your marriage pitch. Sabina Yasmin, a living legend of Bangladeshi music, initially married a bank manager. They have a daughter at home. But he was not long for a long time, he was a family. Then Dhaka movie <아미르 호 샤인 바부>I married a popular dance director. After a long time they divorced. They have a son in this family. Later, Sabina Yasmin married Suman Chattopadhyay, Calcutta's popular musician, who later became the poet Sumon's name. Runa Laila, the famous singer of the subcontinent, has sat three times so far. His first marriage was married to a man named Khwaja Javed Kaiser. He married Swiss-born Ron Daniel for the second time. Finally, he is a famous Bengal film actor and director Alamgir popular artist Shakila Jafar no longer uses the old name. Name changed to & # 39; Shakila Sharma & # 39 ;. The name change for the new marriage is scheduled. In his name, Jafar was part of his former husband's name. After the divorce, he did not change his name but changed after the new marriage. Another popular musician, Samina Chowdhury, first married Naqib Khan, another prominent singer-songwriter and music director. However, marriage became difficult due to differences in opinions. Later, Samina Chowdhury married Ejaj Khan Swapan, the founder of the program. Dolly Sainthani's first composer Ahmed Rizvi After breaking the world, Dolly married musician Ravi Chowdhury. But this love family does not help. Later, a businessman named Faizan married the most famous singer. Mammoth's first husband, Abdul Rashid Sahar, was his second husband, Mohammad Ramzan Ali, chairman of the Manikganj City Council. It is also the second marriage of Muhammad Ramzan Ali. Momtaz's third husband, Moinuddin Hasan Chanchal Mamtaj, a physician at Momtaz Eye Hospital, was founded. This is the second marriage of Mainuddin Hasan Chanchal. Nancy Marilla Nancy married Abu Sayeed Sourav in 2006. On May 24, 2012, six years of family life officially ended. March 4, 2013 I married Zayed later. Zayed works at Mymensingh Municipality and is involved in business.

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