Monday , September 21 2020
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A technology manager of Twinkers-Apo technology firm confirmed that, in 2019,
The foldable smartphone in the Mobile World Congress launched in February
The company can do this.

Details about the specification of this smartphone or if it can come in the market
Apo did not provide information For the moment it is great that the mobile world congress is in the device
Only the prototype will be fired, not for sale.

There is already a confirmation of importance on the smartphone. In recent years
The Chinese company has a number of mobile phone plans.

According to the site report, one of the other patents has seen the device has been found
The farm can be opened twice outside. Therefore, the size of the screen will be three times

At this time
Many companies have competed to bring a fat-integrated smartphone. Infiniti al
Samsung has shown a foldable smartphone in the Flex screen.

Next to this
Huawei also made plans for a failed smartphone. And al
The teaser of her prototype device gave Shioumi and Lenovo.

Google has the sufficient screen support officially supported in the operating system.

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