Tuesday , January 31 2023

Let 's go to Cyclone of the Bay of Bengal 2 signal & # 39;


Let 's go to Cyclone of the Bay of Bengal 2 signal & # 39;

Online reporter. Deep depression by the Bay of Bengal has turned into a cyclone. The regional committee of the World Meteorological Organization named it Cyclone Gaza. On the other hand, due to the cyclone, the Meteorological Agency said the harbors required to show a distant warning signal 2.

Today, the Meteorological Agency said that deep depression in the southeastern part of the Bay of Bengal and neighboring areas has been concentrated and concentrated in the west-northwest, and has been transformed into low pressure in the western-central bay of Bengal and in the southeastern bay of Bengal, adjacent to the central bay of Bengal.

Cyclone is located 202 kilometers southwest of Chita Airport, 945 kilometers southwest of Cox's Bazar, 1,5 kilometers south of Mongla Harbor, and 960 kilometers south of Pigeon Sea Port. Further condensation can move further north.

Meanwhile, in Chittagong, Cox 's Bazar, Mongla and Piara seaports, we were asked to reduce warning signal number 1 away and instead display a distant warning signal number 2.

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