Friday , March 5 2021

La Liga: Messi’s red card to defeat Bar beat a to win Bilbao Super Cup title

Madrid, 17 January 2021 (Bass) – Athletic Bilbao won the Spanish Super Cup by defeating Barcelona 3-2 in extra time in a dramatic match. Argentine superstar Lionel Messi has been forced to leave the field after seeing a red card for the first time in his 18-year-old Bar – a career.
Messi lost his temper just before the referee’s final whistle and misbehaved with Bilbao striker Asiar Villalibr. Earlier, the goal of the 90 minutes of the Spanish striker Barcelona took away from the victory. Referee Jesus Gill later confirmed that Messi received a red card in collaboration with VAR.
It was a matter of time before Barcelona won the title with two goals from Antoine Griezmann. But a great strike by Inaki Williams in extra three minutes after Villalibro’s equalizer ensured the victory of Ulto Bilbao.
Messi, who suffered a Thai injury with Sevilla, had to stay on the field for 120 minutes. Barcelona eventually played for the tie-breaker. But in the end, the 33-year-old Argentine superstar could not keep himself in the frustration of the match. He had to leave the field due to a hand injury to Villalibreke. This is Messi’s first red card in 853 appearances for Barcelona. In 2005 and 2019, however, he received two red cards for wearing an Argentine jersey.
At the end of the match, Bar া coach Ronald Koeman said: ‘After having so much time in football, Leo knows when he feels perfectly fit to play. We did not decide to play in the original XI after consulting with him. He played well in the match. He has tried his best.
However, Messi’s event has been a bit of a suppression of Bilbao’s title win. Earlier, they reached the final by defeating Real Madrid in the semi-final on Thursday. And now they have defeated Barcelona in the final and won the Spanish Super Cup. This means that Bilbao got off to a great start under Barcelona’s Garcia Toral. Marcelo took over as the team’s new coach just two weeks ago. However, the club also praised his successor Geica Garitano in this victory. Under him, Bilbao played last season in the final of the Copa del Rey.
Bar া a went unbeaten in nine consecutive games. In recent times, Barcelona, ​​who were able to regain themselves under Koman, have been in full swing. Bilbao dominated Bar ্স a in the first half. Bilbao was ahead in the field of position and aggression. Both teams attacked slowly until 40 minutes, but the desired goal was not scored. Griezmann put Barcelona ahead in the 40th minute with a Messi pass. After a while, Bilbao returned to parity. Within two minutes, Bilbao equalized Williams ‘pass to Oscar de Marcos’ half volley. Griezmann scored his second goal in the 6th minute to break Bilbao’s defense from the Albasar cross and Bar এগিয়ে a took the lead again. But the drama of the match was still there. Williams scored the winning goal in the 93rd minute after Bilbao equalized in the 90th minute.

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