Wednesday , August 4 2021

Kohli's record, Afsos Tamim's

Added another food to the success of Virat Kohli's success. Under the Indians, T-20 cricket is also the highest round. In & # 39; the last match of & # 39; An IPL has left Suresh Raina.

Kohli is the highest rider in a complete T-20 Indian cricket. The group is included in the IPL, all internationally accredited T-20 matches. He scored 8, 175, in 255 matches so far. In 309 matches, 8 in & # 39; After walking behind him, Raina is behind him.

Virat Kohli has rained Raina in IPL In the multi-million dollar tournament, the coal runs 5,818 runs And Raina 5121 The two batsmen have just over 5000 runs.

Chris Gayle is the highest router of all types of T20s. This format is intended for the record numbers to be viewed. Caribbean monsters scored 12,541 runs in 377 matches. Hold 21 gears and 78 fifties. Even if it is not enough, it will be less. Because no other batsman could reach the milestone of 10 thousand runs.

Brendon McCullum was the closest. 9 thousand 922 runs in the running season, he moves all types of cricket. Gayle's Swadesh Kieron Pollard has the opportunity to reach these mealstones. It doesn't play much for the national team. But he is the face of a T20 league in & # 39; all over the world. 465 matches alongside his name are similar. This Caribbean plane has 9 63 runs from Willow.

Kohel, however, can go away from any way he runs. However, David Warner is progressing in terms of pace. The names of such big names are Tamim's condolences. Speed ​​is no less than that. But he gets the chance to play matches. Without the BPL in the ground, Bangladesh Dashing Opener has the highest number of T-shirts in & # 39; e PSL. In addition, they can only be used as flags.

Tamim has played 191 matches so far. That's more than 5000 running scores. As a result he can regret – Ish! If there were possibilities to play opportunities than anyone.

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