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January 3 Nike Case Psychology –


One of the case investigators, Moudud Ahmed,
Dhaka Mahmudul Kabir Judge of the ninth special judge fixed this date.

At an interim station in the old central prison of Nazimuddin Road
The case is underway. Corruption lives in other prisons in other prisons in this prison.
Khaleda Zia, sentenced to 17 years in two cases

On November 8, Khaleda returned from prison to the hospital for a long time.
The hearing began with the Nike Corruption case. On that day, Moudud Ahmed applied for an exemption.
They began to hear for themselves. His speech did not end on Wednesday.

The BNP Standing Committee, after an hour of discussion today
Prime Minister Moudud appealed for a long time by showing reasons for the election. On the other hand, ACC lawyer Mosharraf
Hossain Kajol announced the date of the hearing on December 3.

After the hearing of both sides, the judge's choice for the remaining hearing will be held.
I kept that day after January 3rd.

Khaleda Zia also came to the court in a wheelchair. Judge at one stage of the hearing
"Why is it too fast to end the trial? In other cases, I tried this kind of effort.
no. "

The former prime minister said the problem was about the interim atmosphere.
"How is the trial of this prison done? There is no environment here."

The Canadian company abandoned three gas fields after abuse of power.
Nike lost about 13777 crore taka nation
ACC has indicted this case on December 9, 2007 at the Tejgaon Police Station.

In addition to Khaleda Zia, the other is Moudud Ahmed,
Former Secretary of State AKM Aoshi Masharraf Hossain, Secretary General Kamal Uddin Siddiqui,
Khandaker Shahidul Former Secretary, CM Yousuf Hossain Former Senior Advisor, Bapex
Former General Manager Mir Moinul Haque Former BAPEX Secretary. Shafiur Rahman, businessman
Giasuddin Al Mamun, former President of Dhaka Selim Bhuiyan and Nikeo South
Kashem Sharif, Vice President of Asia

Khaleda Zia and Moudud Ahmed received a bill last year,
Exemption hearings of all others except before. However, Khaleda Zia
The hearing has been postponed in the Mondo court for the past year.
Over the years.

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