The Maria and Lionel Messi. Photo: collect Lionel Mess"/>
Tuesday , June 22 2021

It would be great to have Messi in PSG: The Maria

The Maria and Lionel Messi. Photo: collect


The Maria and Lionel Messi. Photo: collect

Lionel Messi’s contract with Barcelona is coming to an end. There is still no word on whether the Argentine star will renew his contract with the Catalan club. So often rumors about Messi speak the club away in various ways.

Among the clubs interested in getting Messi, the name of the club PSG in Paris comes first. Angel de Maria thinks it would be great if the French club could finally get Messi in the team.

Messi and De Maria have played together in many matches for the national team. The couple has had a lot of success in Argentina. That De Maria is looking for a teammate of the national team to get into the club. “Throughout my career, according to what I’ve seen, I think Leo comes from another world,” De Maria told BeanSports, according to It’s really great to have a player like him on the team. ‘

However, the PSG star did not want to talk too much about the matter. “He’s a Barcelona player,” he said. There’s a deal. When it’s over, we’ll see. I talked to him a lot and always said that the most important thing is his happiness and his family. It is very difficult to say more than that.

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