Tuesday , June 22 2021

Investigating Qawmi Madrasa ignores government instructions

Exam is organized in Qawmi Madrasa and ignores the instructions of the government. However, the Qawmi Madrasa Education Council ‘Al Hayatul Uliya Lil Jamiatil Qawmia Bangladesh’ has informed that all investigations are being followed.

The government has announced the closure of all educational institutions, including Qawmi Madrasa, due to the increase in coronavirus infection in the country. Meanwhile, the Qawmi Madrasa Education Board is taking the exam. Mufti Nurul Amin, acting member of the Board of Education of Qaumi Madrasa, said that in the current lockdown situation the Hadith (Masters equivalent) research is being held at the door of Qaumi Madrasa in accordance with proper hygiene rules.

He told Jago News on Wednesday (April 6), “We have been performing this test for the last 3 days. The test will be held in two shifts on Wednesday. Examinations will be conducted in accordance with the health guidelines according to government instructions. This test is short due to the current lockout situation.The exam is scheduled to end next Sunday, but it will end tomorrow, Thursday.

Mufti Nurul Amin, when asked if the government’s guidelines for conducting investigations into the blockade are not being obeyed, said no activities are carried out in Qaumi education by not adhering to government guidelines. Our mentors review the instructions issued by the Madrasa and Technical Department of the Ministry of Education. With that in mind, it was decided to shrink our tests.

Asked about the government’s directive to close all residential and non-residential mattresses yesterday, he said: “We have the government’s directive.” There is no question of stopping the test. All our residential and non-residential neighborhoods are closed. The test is taken subject to government approval.

Hadith surveys are conducted in 222 exam centers across the country on the same questionnaire. Students take part in the 9am and 3pm test.

Meanwhile, the government has directed to close all madrasas (residential and non-residential neighborhoods), including Qawmi Madrasa (except orphanages). A notification in this regard was issued yesterday by the Technical and Madrasa Education Department of the Ministry of Education (April 6).


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