Wednesday , December 8 2021

I will not allow the industry to be destroyed: Shakib Khan



There is a problem in the film industry in Dhaka. And the audience is getting more popular because they do not get good pictures on big screen regularly. But as soon as the film industry disappears, it will soon disappear.

As for the opinion, one of the number of Dhaliuddin Shakib Khan said, I will not allow the industry to be destroyed. I will stay as long as possible. In the digital age, not only the budget but also the challenges have increased. I quit after offering a lot of jobs in Indian production. What is it? We will have to rebuild this industry again.

To do a good job. I am trying it now. I will announce many works for the audience soon. Shakib Khan also said the industry had never seen such a bad time. However, our prime minister regularly makes donations to artists. No one should return him empty-handed. It is really good for any artist.

He loves industry and loves artists. So I believe that the problems in the industry will be solved and solved. Are you willing to serve the artist again in front of the artist association at one stage of the conversation? Shakib Khan said he had not made any decisions about this. A few days ago, I spoke with actor Ta Taib Bhai. He is also looking for. He has already done a lot for artists. But I still do not think about the choice of the artist association.


There is still time for elections. Decisions can be taken later. Now we have to work hard to survive the industry. These problems must be resolved. Shakib Khan, on the other hand, has become a candidate for the coming 11 parliamentary elections. But in the end, he stepped down aside. Shakib Khan's last appearances in Captain Khan and Nakab are different in the two pictures. The legendary actor Shakib Khan is known as the "Hunter", & # 39; Natwat & # 39 ;, sometimes "Palsan" or "Baran & # 39;

If you want to know what you see in front of your audience, creator Kazi Hayat Bhai wrote a great story. I heard it and liked it. The movie is named & # 39; Bir & # 39 ;. I'll start working on this photo next month. It will work in other areas, including Dhaka. Currently, Shakib Khan is busy working with Shahin Suman's Ek Prem Need and Shamim Ahmed Ranir's Shahhen Shah. This hero, busy with domestic paintings, became popular in Kolkata.

So, what do you think about the new picture of Calcutta? The main hero said, "I talk about several pictures of Kolkata." I will go there next week. If everything goes well, go to Kolkata and listen to the movies. If you like it, I will work. But now, before I own an industry, I go elsewhere. It is my desire to work well in this industry.

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