Thursday , January 21 2021

How Jamaat-e-Islami is preparing

Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Shafiqur Rahman said in an interview with the BBC that he is preparing for the election even if his party's registration is canceled.

Due to the cancellation of registration, Jamaat can not participate in the election with elected or parabolic symbols. However, the Commission Secretary said in a statement that Jama Art leaders could choose different parties or symbols individually.

Jamaat leader Shafiqur Rahman also said the same talking about Bama Bangla and Jamaat's election accident and plan.

& # 39; Elections for compromise with the alliance & # 39;
Shafiqur Rahman Rahman said, "We are a member of 23 alliances of 23 countries, and we will participate in the elections based on our alliance."

In terms of participation in the election, Jama is blaming two paths, said Shafiqur Rahman Rahman.

"You can select one of your allies as a marker or individually."

However, Shafiqur Rahman said that no decision was made on how to take part in the election.

In response to this question, Shafiqur Rahman said that according to his estimates, 50 to 60 people would participate in the election. How many people can vote for Jamaat-e-Islami in whole or in part independently?

Shafiqur Rahman, however, said that the person who will take part in the elections in Jamaat will be decided on the basis of compromise of allies.

"We will hold a meeting with the main ally of the US-ROK alliance (BNP), and at that meeting we will discuss this issue further, and we will determine this issue in our forum."

Opposition opposition: What is Zamart's position?
During the formation of the united front, several leaders of the united front opposed Jamaat's involvement in the BNP. We suggest that BNP should abandon Jamaat's participation.

Shafiqur Rahman confirmed that Jamaat activists will work on behalf of the united front candidates in one place.

"If you have a bigger goal to succeed, you have to know all of the big minds," said Shafiqur Rahman.

Likewise, he said the leader of the united front for Jamaat candidates' candidates in those seats in which the Jamaat leader will compete will work.

Shafiqur Rahman believes that the party's campaign and activities will not be affected by the use of the party's symbols or the execution of some leaders because of war crimes.

"We have participated independently in each local government election, and we have a hope that it will not be a problem if we do not choose the party's symbol when considering the support of the people in the election."

However, several leaders of the party's first line were convicted of war crimes, and the team faced a big problem. Stainless steel. The government's position on Jamaat said that top leaders suffered more damage than were affected by the conviction.

"The government shut down all of its branch offices at its central office, and the government is not comfortable with our activities, which is a problem for us," he said.

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