Tuesday , January 31 2023

Google's new strategy to increase battery life


Google has adopted a new strategy to increase battery life for its creator, Android. At one of the recent Android developers' conferences, Google announced that it should use Dark Mode to increase battery life.

Google provides a way for the Android operating system to use batteries for meetings. Developers think this information is very effective in improving battery backup when building apps. Android Developers

However, you can not store the battery in dark mode. This is because brightness is displayed on Android phones more than battery waste. Also, depending on the color displayed on the display, how much battery is consumed.

If you use dark mode on your phone, the bitterness of the display is greatly reduced. The display has less color processing. This extends battery life.

At the conference, we reported that the YouTube app lost 43% less battery than normal mode in dark mode. Because many of these applications are covered with white colors.

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